The Paleo Diet

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Dr. Patrick Owen explains the history and evolution of the Paleo Diet. You will learn about the differences between the Paleolithic hunter-gather diet compared to the modern-day Paleo diet and why dairy, grains and legumes are excluded. Use the Promo code paleonow to obtain a special discount. Offer only until 31.12.2019

By the end of the presentation you will be able to

  • Compare differences between the modern Paleo Diet, a true Paleolithic Human Diet, and a traditional hunter-gatherer diets.
  • Understand why grains, dairy, and legumes are excluded from the Paleo Diet and how these foods can negatively affect health.
  • Have a better understanding of how the Paleo Diet can be used to help to ameliorate chronic disease risk in your client.

Course Investment:

US $19

Length of course:

2.5 hours

Course Presenter

Dr. Patrick Owen
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