The Ketogenic Diet: A Treatment for Epilepsy

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Bridget is a specialist Paediatric Dietitian, who works closely with patients who have epilepsy, and are wanting to use the ketogenic diet as a treatment for seizure management.

By the end of this presentation you will be able to

  • Understand the background about epilepsy, and the medical conditions the Ketogenic Diet (KD) is used to treat
  • To understand and learn about the proposed mechanisms of action of the KD
  • To differentiate and describe the for basic KD used in the treatment of epilepsy
  • To understand the steps in initiating, monitoring and stopping the KD
  • To review and discuss the evidence and effectiveness of KD in the treatment of epilepsy

Course Investment:

US $19

Length of course:

2 CPEU hours

Course Presenter

Bridget Surtees
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