The Gut Microbiome

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There is a lot of emerging research about the gut microbiome, and as a Clinician it is important to be aware of this new research. Nicole helps you to understand the interaction between our food and gut health.

By the end of this presentation you will be able to

  • Have clarity around the terminology relating to the gut microbiome
  • Be aware of what the microbiome is, it’s primary determinants and it’s impact on health
  • Understand the importance of function and diversity of microbiota in relation to optimal gut health
  • Understand the evidence relating to probiotic foods and supplements
  • Feel confident with fibre, the new types and their specific gut benefits
  • Feel confident to apply what we know to date, about the microbiome and diet, into practice

Course Investment:

US $19

Length of course:

2 CPEU hours

Course Presenter

Nicole Dynan
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