LCHF and Health, from Biochemistry to Practice

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LCHF (Low Carbohydrate Healthy Fat) is proving to be popular for many athletes and people with insulin insufficiency, or those just wanting to make a lifestyle change. Dietitian Dr. Caryn Zinn presents the biochemistry and physiological principles behind LCHF diets, and how to apply these into your lifestyle.

By the end of the course you will

  • Learn about the different definitions and terminology of LCHF
  • Understand the rationale for LCHF and its impact on health
  • Review the evidence for LCHF
  • Learn about what some of the critics say regarding LCHF
  • Understand how to apply LCHF in practice

Course Investment:

US $19

Length of course:

1.5 CPEU hours

Course Presenter

Dr. Caryn Zinn
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