Ironman Nutrition

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Learn about how to fuel for brick sessions, recovery days and ultimately the big event. Getting your nutrition and hydration sorted for Ironman competitors is essential for success, whether recreational or elite. Advanced Sports Dietitian Sally Garrard shares advice and a full race day nutrition plan for athletes, coaches and clinicians to use to prepare for these gruelling events.

By the end of this presentation you will be able to 

  • Differentiate between training and competition nutrition for IM athletes
  • Understand the specific macronutrient and fluid considerations for IM (endurance) athletes
  • Implement the information learned into practice to enhance training and competition strategies and facilitate rapid recovery nutrition for IM athletes
  • Consider nutritional strategies for the ‘last minute’ client 

Course Investment:

US $19

Length of course:

2 CPEU hours

Course Presenter

Sally Garrard
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